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Glaxnimate is already available on majority of Linux distributions. It can be installed directly from Discover, GNOME Software or your distribution's software store.
You can install the latest Glaxnimate flatpak from Flathub. Experimental flatpaks with nightly builds of Glaxnimate can be installed from the KDE Flatpak repository.

Download the latest Appimage version of Glaxnimate from our servers.

Make sure the AppImage is executable chmod a+x glaxnimate-x86_64.AppImage. Running the AppImage should start Glaxnimate.

If your system doesn't support mounting user level filesystems use the following commands instead:

./glaxnimate-x86_64.AppImage --appimage-extract
You can install the latest version of Glaxnimate from Snapcraft Store.
Deb packageDeb package

Download the latest Deb package of Glaxnimate from our servers. Open the deb with your package manager and follow the instructions to install it.

Note that the deb package has a dependency to python3.10.


For the stable package:

git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/glaxnimate.git
cd glaxnimate
makepkg -rsi

(For unstable replace glaxnimate by glaxnimate-git)


Simply install Glaxnimate via pkg:

pkg install glaxnimate
Microsoft Store (Windows)Microsoft Store (Windows)
The Microsoft Store is the recommended place to install Glaxnimate, the version there has been tested by our developers and the Microsoft Store provides seamless updates when new versions are released.
Windows installerWindows installer
Download the latest Deb package of Glaxnimate from our servers.

Download the latest version of Glaxnimate for macOS from our servers.

Open (mount) the dmg file, then either open glaxnimate.app to run it or drag it to Applications to install it.

You may get a warning "Apple cannot check app for malicious software", please see install KDE apps on macOS for details.

This package is for the python module only, not for the full program. You can get it on PyPi.
Release SourcesRelease Sources
If you want to build from source, you can check the README.
Development sourcesDevelopment sources
The source code is available on KDE's GitLab, this is this is the place where development happens. Check the README for details.
Development SnapshotsDevelopment Snapshots

These packages are built continuously as new changes are made. They contain all the latest features but might also include bugs and broken features.


To install Glaxnimate, follow the instructions of the platform you are using for how to install software. Most platforms have a graphical installer which can be used to install software packages. In many cases it will automatically be opened when clicking the download or install link for your platform. There is a generic tutorial for installing KDE applications which also can be applied to Glaxnimate.

If you are using Linux, Glaxnimate might already be pre-installed on your system as part of a default selection. If not, you can install it with the package management tool of your Linux distribution. See its documentation for details.


To uninstall Glaxnimate, follow the instructions of the package management tool you have used to install Glaxnimate. This will remove the Glaxnimate application. It will not touch data you have viewed, created, or modified with Glaxnimate.